I worked at a summer camp. By the end, all belongings end up with some kind of funky smell…especially shoes.  We also awarded different cabins points for different tasks they accomplished.  One summer, it rained for two weeks straight.  On a day when my campers and I were stuck in our cabin, I promised the girls I would award them points for each camper who smelled my super stinky Sperrys.  Three of them did it, but I forgot to fill out the form to give them their points. Oops.

Allison Misich

Associate director of fraternity & Sorority Life ministry

Other things to know:

I have a dog named Lily (like Lily Potter).  Her favorite food is broccoli.

This summer I went through the full series of rabies vaccines because bats kept getting into my room.

I had 6 wisdom teeth.

I always wanted a horse growing up, I ended up with two goats instead.

I would eat ice cream after every meal if it was socially acceptable and wouldn’t double my size.