Freshman Connection

Who doesn’t want free pizza while getting to know others and learning how to succeed in college? Kent Navigators¬†is a Christian ministry on campus, and even by saying this, we know we are already being put in a box. Everyone has met Christians who demand the right to be heard and do what’s best for themselves. We want to be like Jesus and earn the right to be heard while doing what’s best for you. Freshmen Connection is just that! Seriously, come and eat our pizza and have fun! We just want to help you be the best version of yourself in college. We came up with 6 topics aimed to help any incoming freshman from any perspective or worldview not only survive but thrive in college. Each topic is interactive and not a lecture. We want you to learn not just listen. Check out the topics below!

Day: Every Thursday

Time: 8:00pm

Location: C.U.E. (Center for Undergraduate Excellence)*

Perks: If you attend 8/23 we will reserve a zombie apocalypse spot for you!!

*Use the Kent State app to find us. Located by Lake Hall on Lester A Lefton Esplanade


1. Understanding Yourself (8/23)

We will dive in the Myers-Briggs test on preferences. Yes we know it’s not a scientific. Yes we know “Adam Ruins Everything” covered this on his show. But it is a super helpful test to understand not only your own preferences but also understand the difference between you and your friends. We promise you’ll leave excited about what insights you’ve discovered!

2. How to Form Meaningful Relationships (8/30)

An article in the Atlantic said it best. “Longing for closeness and connection is pervasive. Which suggests that most of us are stumbling through the world pining for companionship that could be easily provided by the lonesome stumblers all around us. ” The problem is very few of us know how to form these friendships. We have some helpful tips and insights to help you start your first year forming lasting friendships.

3. Racial Tension in America (9/6)

We all want to talk about racial issues and how to fix our culture. Where’s the place we can discuss racial tensions in a safe and engaging place? We will engage the topic of race through the life stories of our facilitators as we learn from each other and develop friendships with people who don’t look like us.

4. Achieving Your Goals (9/13)

We all dream for our lives but very few of us achieve our dreams. What’s the difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who look back in 20 years with regret? The habits you form your first year of college are more impactful than you think. We will set goals for the next four years and help you develop the decision making skills to achieve them.

5. Why Religion Always Disappoints Us (9/20)

Sinead O’Conner said “I really believe God and religion are two different things.” Religion can be defined as what we worship and what we think will mend a broken world. If this is true, then why does the world seem to get more messed up than fixed when religious people get together? Although we won’t be talking about God we will be talking about how religion can be disappointing.

6. The Human Condition (9/27)

Maybe iRobot was right. Maybe the only way to save humanity from itself is to enslave it. But being controlled by a super computer with a legion of robots isn’t anything anyone’s interested in. So what is it within humanity that makes us feel like Jon Bellion when he sings “I’m just so sick of being human”? Why does our worst enemies seem to be the person in the mirror and our demons within? We will dive deep into popular songs and listen to the poets of our day say it best as we reflect over what it is that makes us human.


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