Explore The Navigators community here at Kent State. We are a community growing together in understanding who we are and why we are here. As Christians we are doing that by turning to God. Come discover what it is like to have people there for you when you need it, to binge watch Netflix with you when you are feeling down, and to grow together in loving God and others. We hope you make friends for life here! 



Do you want to be like Jesus in the way He designed you? These small groups are created to learning the ways of Jesus and then helping each other live it out. From topics like knowing the Bible, how to pray, and sexual integrity, we will engage the text together and share our lives along the way. Here’s what we hope happens as you get involved in one: 

  1. We hope you follow Jesus.
  2. We hope you find community.
  3. We hope to spark wrestling.
  4. We hope you learn the narrative.
  5. We hope you make it your own. 




Do you like throwing axes, surviving the zombie apocalypse, going to new places, tubing, soap hockey or just having amazing times with others? We do too! And most of these we can still safely do during COVID! 

We don’t want to build relationships without fun, but we also don’t want to have fun without building relationships. These events are to have fun with those built relationships! Where’s the fun? It’s right here! 


Life can be hard. However, it is easier doing it with someone else who can understand and help you on your journey. Whether you are interested in growing deeper spiritually or just as a person, we want to come alongside and walk with you. 


Freshmen Connection is a weekly meeting during first semester to encourage meaningful conversations about real issues that matter. Our topics include:

  • Racial division
  • Anxiety
  • Understanding yourself
We want to help you succeed your first year and we believe coming to this will be a good first step. We hope we get to meet you!


Are you looking for a place to worship near Kent State? We know how difficult that search can be, so we made it a little easier for you! Here are some places we attend as a community.