When we were newlyweds, we lived in the wintry land known as ‘Minnesota.’ A park with a sledding hill was only a few blocks from our house, so we decided to give it a go a couple days after a good snow. Unfortunately, the snow was so packed and hardened from previous sledders and cold temperatures that the slope was as slick and unyielding as a lubricated slab of lumpy iron. When our sled went out from under us halfway down, Elsa’s face took it’s place until we reached the bottom of the hill.

Pat & Elsa Kottmann

Associate Staff

Other things to know:

In 10 years of marriage, we’ve lived in 3 states and 5 houses.
The Buckeye milkshake from Retro Dog is to die for.
We have fours sons (we don’t make girl babies… yet).
After-dinner family dance parties are a common occurrence in our household.
We love books.