Buck & Lisa Wilson

Campus Director


Quick Story:

I hate poison ivy but I love disc golf. One time while playing a new course during a service trip we figured out quickly that the course was more poison ivy than disc golf. Needless to say, we finished the course anyways and then proceeded to strip down to our underwear for the drive home. It wasn’t until half way back that I realized I was driving a large unmarked white van full of dudes just sitting in their underwear. I’m super thankful I didn’t have to explain that situation to a cop.


Some other things about me:

I learned woodworking from an old guy and now I hope to be that old guy someday.

I like combining nerd and jock which explains my passion of sports and board games.

I’m a supporter of Chelsea FC and the Browns. It’s a polarizing fandom.

I have a tendency to start more projects than I finish.

I love coming home to my wife at the end of the day and having wrestle time with my three boys.