Our Staff Team


Buck Wilson

Campus Director

Then the voice in the back of my mind asked "Is this what you're living your life for? Is this the best it gets?"


Christian Stewart

Campus Trainer

"...all my working towards the “good kid” image was both exhausting and had absolutely no effect on God's love for me"


Denise Cline

Women's Director

"I hate rubber ducks and donuts" - said no one

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Abe Nagy

Staff in Training

"Knock knock..." [you receive no answer cause Abe has turned off his ears to read a book in quiet]


Alex Belack

Mission Staff

"Alex is as white as the fluff in a state puff marshmallow." - everyone who meets him


Greg Bryan

International Campus Director

Greg loves to travel overseas and joining large group text chats.


Nathan Loughry

EDGE Corps

"He's the dumbest boy in school" - the rest of the staff team

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Victoria Glover

EDGE Corps

"What's up my mammals?" - Victoria

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