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Religion failed me growing up. In middle school, my youth pastor left his wife for another man, the church the split and divided until only a fraction of us were left, we ugly fired our pastor, and to cap it off, my own mother became the youth leader. So I chose to give my life to what so many other high school boys did. Sports and women.  

But these failed me too. In early high school my girlfriend left me for my best friend (it was a bad… year) and so I lost faith in dating all together. More time for sports. But at the end of high school my scholarship to play soccer in college fell through when the coach left for \”family emergencies.\” I had nothing left. So I decided to embrace the college party life. 

Yet again it would fail me. Partying was fun, I had a blast, it just didn\’t fulfill me. I can still describe the scene. There we were sitting on a Friday night drinking and laughing together. The house was a historic home and a trap door from the underground railroad laid uncovered behind me. All my friends were there and I remember thinking to myself \”this is a perfect Friday night.\” Then the voice in the back of my mind asked “Is this what you’re living your life for? Is this the best it gets?” Those questions would haunt me. 

I tried to drink them away, I tried to distract them away, but the next morning they always returned. Depression began to sink in as I lost motivation for my purpose in life. Out of desperation, one night, I attended a Bible study with my drinking buddy who was roped into going. I had nothing better to do so I went. 

I asked so may questions the leader told me he would get lunch to talk so I wouldn\’t derail the study anymore. I didn\’t have the words then but I had unknowingly thrown out God when I threw out religion. I didn\’t know any better.

If you want to hear more I will gladly buy you food or drink and share it but, in short, I decided to give God a shot. If He failed me then I was going back to partying. Between bad religion and partying, partying was way more fun. But for the first time in my life, what I chose to give my to didn\’t fail me. Since then I\’ve been helping others who are looking for something like I was. 


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  • Disc Golf
  • Soccer
  • Woodworking
  • Zipping himself in a sleeping bag and rolling down the stairs
  • House DIY 




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