Women's Director


I grew up thinking that if I was a good enough person and followed the rules, I’d go to heaven. I prided myself on being a “nice” person and was constantly people-pleasing. Never did I think God actually wanted a personal relationship with me though. Perfectionism. Exhaustion. Striving. The feeling of never measuring up defined my life.

It wasn’t until I got to college where I met some people that shattered this way of thinking. They showed me that a personal relationship with Jesus wasn’t just possible but it was God’s desire all along. God actually cared enough about me and loved me so much that he provided a way through Jesus in his death and resurrection for me to be in relationship with him despite my innate ability of missing the mark. It was then, fall of my freshman year of college, that my relationship with Jesus began. And what a rollercoaster ride it’s been ever since (in the best kind of way)!

Not only do I have a desire to continuously grow in my own relationship with Jesus but to also help others know and experience for themselves this intimate relationship Jesus is offering.


  • searching for the best donut
  • looking up flights to travel somewhere
  • trying to run more than a mile at a time 
  • waiting for COVID to be over when it’s socially acceptable to salsa dance with strangers again
  • going on adventures with friends