Associate Campus Minister


“Why can’t I have a father who loves me like that?”

I grew up with a mom who taught me about Jesus at a young age. I don’t remember not believing that God was real and that He was taking care of my family. I come from a broken family and in my sophomore year of high school I was struggling in my relationship with my dad (although we have a good relationship now). My pastor was talking about how much he loved his daughter one day at church and I found myself crying and unable to stop. It was weird for me as I’m not usually an overly emotional person. I cried out to God in my bedroom that night asking why my dad didn’t love me that way. It sunk in that I had a heavenly Father who not only was taking care of my family far away somewhere, but who knew me intimately as a Father and He loved me more than I could imagine. 

Shortly after that moment my life changed. My single mom lost her job. My boyfriend and I broke up because he had feelings for my best friend. I left my whole group of friends. But I didn’t feel alone. I started reading my Bible on my own for the first time. My English teacher challenged me to share what God was doing in my life in front of my whole high school. I knew I wanted to live to know God and to tell others about Him.  

When I went to college I got involved in a Navigator Bible Study and loved it. I’ve never stopped being part of the Navigators since.  



  • Making yummy food and feeding people.

  • Reading aloud to my 4 little boys.

  • Being out in the sun when the weather is nice