Kent State Christian organization

Associate Campus Minister


“So, do I really believe this, or is this just my parents’ thing?”

If you grew up going to church, you will probably ask yourself this question sometime during your college years. Because it was my first real time living life mostly on my own, college was when I realized I needed to take ownership of the faith I had grown up with. It was my involvement with the Navigators that allowed me to connect with other Christians who both walked alongside me and mentored me in what being a Christian really means. Those years were foundational to where I am now spiritually.

Now, I can “pay it forward” by serving with the Navigators at Kent State.



  • Parenting (Not really a hobby… but a big part of my life with four boys!)

  • Reading (I’m a full-time librarian – so yeah, I like books)

  • Running (Started cross country in junior high, and have been running since)